Pregnancy to Fatherhood part six

Originally written on Tuesday, 28 August 2012 at 22:12

One of the things I hadn’t banked on with pregnancy are the problems and stresses involved, which considering the miscarriage we had a year ago you would have thought I would have. One of the main things that started from early on were the pains in Keighleys stomach area. Naturally we were worried but going on Google and talk to our doctor who said they were normal did relax our minds slightly, well it did until the 2nd of August. On the 2nd of August Keighley had stabbing pains in her stomach very similar to pain she had when we had lost the baby a year ago, however we decided to wait and see if she started spotting, even though I was, and I’m sure Keighley was also, reliving the same fears and pain from a year ago when we’d lost the baby. The next day which was Friday the 3rd August Keighley woke me up and said I’m not going into work cause I’m spotting, at that moment I felt a rush of sickness and dread, so that morning I phoned the EPU Early Pregnancy Unit at our local hospital who told us to come in at 2:30 that afternoon for a scan.

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