Relaunch of Blog

Hi everyone, 

After what has been an extremely hectic year I have decided to relaunch my blog into fatherhood. Oliver is now 16 months old and is coming on leaps and bounds, he is walking and talking, he has his likes and dislikes and can even use the tv remote albeit rather haphazardly. It’s really amazing to think that this time last year he was this tiny bundle of joy that just ate, slept and pooped, whereas now he is this bigger bundle of joy, who can trash the house in 60 seconds flat but is also becoming his own personality. My wife Keighley and I wouldn’t be without him now especially since he is so loving and generous in his nature with loads of kisses, cuddles and sometimes the odd raspberry on the belly (that’s my fault). Anyway I hope you enjoy reading what I write in the future and I look forward to hearing your comments as and when they come my way. 

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