Free Day Out – Newham City Farm

Last year in July when I was on a week off work Keighley and I decided to take Oliver to the farm with a couple of his friends. However due to the extreme heat that the Great British weather decided to bless us with we had to redecide what we were going to do, we did eventually get to the farm on a much cooler day later in the week.

Newham City Farm is one of a number of farms across East London that are run, for free, so that kids in the areas can experience animals they would probably rarely if not ever see, we however do live out in the country but we go to the farm semi-regularly because my wife grew up in the area and it’s a trip down memory lane as well as a fun day out for Oliver.

There are a number of different animals there from goats and sheep through horses,  pigs, cows and even chickens.  Oliver loves going here and considering it is free I love going here as well. One of the best parts of a day put here  a is the ability to meet animals up close and personal Oliver was able to stroke a cow and feed the chickens and there were other activities available.

If you are looking for a day out but are on a tight budget then this is the place to go.

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