The world of Peppa Pig!!!!

Now anyone that has had young children in the last ten years will be very aware of what is quite frankly an annoying Pig and her family. Of course I’m talking about the extremely popular Peppa Pig, extremely popular that is with toddlers country wide.

A children’s programme tends to inherently be on the slightly annoying side if you are a parent, we can all identify with the watching of the same episodes again and again and again! However there seems to be something about Peppa Pig that drives me up the wall.

Now it is something I can’t quite place my finger on as to what it is that is so annoying it just hits those buttons in me that want to make me scream right from the moment the credits roll and you hear her voice right to the last moment the episode ends. I honestly think though it wouldn’t be as annoying if it wasn’t for the likes of Nick Jr and Milkshake that show it more then any other kids programme even with Nick Jr having whole Peppa Pig months and channels.

With what I have said above you wouldn’t be remiss in thinking that I do not let Oliver watch Peppa Pig and to be honest if I had the option I wouldn’t let him, however I am a firm believer that you let your child develop their own likes and dislikes and that you take an interest in their likes even if it isn’t something you wouldn’t have wanted for them to like.  Also since Oliver is now that bit older then when he started liking it we have discovered a multitude of different products that help Oliver to develop his skills from general motor skills through reading, learning colours and numbers so that to me is all for the good, we are taking something he likes and he is learning from it but it a fun way. One prime example is the Peppa Pig Sticker collection that Panini have out at the moment. My wife accidently bought it thinking it was a general magazine however it has probably been the one thing that he has loved every time we go in our local Asda Oliver picks up two packets of stickers, which he can now count out himself,  and then we get home he opens the packets and if we are busy he will go through the book and look for the picture if it doesn’t match then he will ask us to find it if it does he will now shout out ‘double’ which in turn means he also now says ‘bubble’ and ‘balloon’ so for the price of a packet of stickers every week he has learnt to match things up and new words which can’t be a bad thing can it.

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