Chillipeeps 3-in-1 Teat Product Review

Chillipeeps, when my wife Keighley first mentioned that name I was like what on earth is that…


… Once she explained that it was a 3 in 1 teat for the multitude of ready made baby milks out on the market but not only that it was also a 3 in 1 spout for pretty much any drinks bottle or carton that you can think of it was understandably sceptical, however Keighley ordered three in a special offer that the makers of Chillipeeps were running for use when we go on our holiday to Greece. When they arrived I was impressed to see that the packaging was a little as it could be, it was a cardboard back with a blown plastic cover to hold the product in place, no bulky box which was fantastic.


The Chillipeeps product itself is very compact in an egg shape, all the four parts you get (excluding the outer holder) fit in a plastic case around 7-10 centimetres long and no wider then a standard egg, perfect for taking out and about. As a family we use glass bottles and as you can imagine carrying around three or more of these is heavy especially when you include everything else a baby needs. Keighley had originally ordered these for use on our upcoming holiday, however once we had seen them we wanted to try them out, so on our next day out when we knew we wouldn’t be near anywhere to make a bottle easily we took them to try and we were extremely impressed.

The application of the teat onto the bottle was exceptionally easy from getting the milk, chillipeep and other bits needed to our son Leo actually drinking the milk was less then a minute which when you consider making up a bottle can take anything up to five minutes is a fantastic reduction in time and then also after feeding you can just pack up the teat and the now empty bottle of milk and carry on with the day out.


We had an unexpected chance to try the Chillipeep with a non-milk drink recently and we were just as impressed with the results. On an early evening out with friends recently we stopped off to have a drink before heading home and bought the kids a Ribena each, typically when you are out you can almost guarantee getting a carton without a straw which is exactly what happened to our friends daughter. We were about to go back into the shop and get another one with a straw when Keighley remembered we had the Chillipeep in the baby bag, we screwed it onto the Ribena through the foil cover they provide to push the straw through and it worked, no leaking or problems whatsoever.


Chillipeeps has been a winner of numerous awards and I can see why. It is easily a ingenious invention and one that I am surprised hasn’t been invented before. It was born out of a mothers imagination whist she had a baby who thought there has to be an easier way and she found it. Would I recommend that you buy a Chillipeeps, that would be a whole hearted yes. It is a simple product designed simply enough to make it easily usable and one that can be used time and time and time again without the need to buy replacement parts etc. Chillipeeps are currently partaking in the new Richard Branson competition VOOM to winner funding to help grow the product but they need votes to help them succeed to vote go to:

To purchase Chillipeeps products go to their website:


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