Little Doctor or is it Vet???

Recently one of our cats Izzy unfortunately got hit by a car, luckily she wasn’t killed or anything but her hind leg was damaged enough to warrant the vet removing it.


For obvious reasons my wife and I have done all the trips to the vets and tried to keep our two year old Oliver away from the real drama that occurred. However he has picked up on a lot of it and has started to walk round the house with his stethoscope wanting to check everyone over, including the dog and the cats.

Then on the cats last visit to the vets Oliver wanted to come and bring his stethoscope with him telling his mum he was off to the doctors.


I’m going to be honest up to this point I’d never really thought about what career Oliver would choose. I have always wanted him to have a good job and to be able to support himself and whatever family he has when he grows up but at two years old it’s always a thing of as long as he’s happy with his life then I will be. However after the last week I have thought more and more about what sort of job he will be attracted to and enjoy.

Within these thoughts have been a number of different jobs ranging from bus driver (now he knows that buses come in different shapes and sizes they get pointed out wherever we go) through to policeman, ambulance driver or firefighter. I have been trying to keep things in perspective but like all fathers I want the best for my kids and will support them regardless. I will just have to be here for the advice and support they need when the time is right.

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