Election Fever errrr or not?????

Well the count down to what the press are calling the closest election ever is all but done all that remains for the country to do is to vote and wait to see who we get as the next Prime Minister and the next Government. 

According to various polls from recent weeks it is too close to call with the very real possibility that we could have another coalition government, but who would make it up and is it really what’s best for the country?  Who knows! The one thing I do know is who I’m voting for and my personal reasons why, and that’s what’s important at the end of the day is it not? It is important we vote for the party who we feel has the best interests of the nation at its heart and also the party we feel represents us as a person.

In recent days we have seen most papers very clearly spouting propaganda for all parties but the shocking one here was The Express declaring it was supporting UKIP.  Just yesterday The Guardian decided to declare that The Sun was anti Labour and even more shocking, according to The Guardian, anti Miliband. 

The Guardian

The Daily Mail, The Sun and a couple of others are clearly supporting the Conservatives and their stories obviously reflect this but I wouldn’t expect any less. The same as The Guardian and The Mirror have had stories that show they have a Labour leaning ideology.  Surly that is what freedom of the press is about is it not?

As for the TV networks they have on the whole been more neutral in their reporting which is to be expected. The BBCs Nick Robinson has declared that this election hasn’t gone the way he expected. 

BBC News

I have been researching a bit this election because of all the different parties out there and have come across a couple of links that have been helpful and I have listed them below.

Channel 4
May 2015: 2015 General Election Guide
BBC Election Policy Guide

All that remains to be said is make sure you vote it is a right that many people in the world do not have and is important we make sure we are heard. Also make sure you vote with your head as well as your heart, make a decision based on facts as well as the party you have supported all your life.  If they are different then make that tough decision because today we could well change the way this country goes for the next five years. 


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