Time flies……

They say time flies when you’re having fun, well I’ve also discovered it also flies when you have children.

Oliver and Leonard

Thinking back to just over two years ago and the anxious wait to become parents for the first time and how different our lives where,  being able to go out on a whim without having to think about the stuff you do with kids (like packing for every eventuality), actually being able to eat your dinner without a child asking for your carrots or peas etc, not that I ever say no when Oliver wants extra veg (always a good thing). I wouldn’t however change my life now to go back to that, I enjoy life now more then I ever have. Yes we don’t have a lot of money but Oliver and Leo give us so much.

Now Oliver is two years old and it has flown past, he has developed a personality that is as unique as he is. He loves watching programmes like Paw Patrol and Thomas but also loves daddies programmes of Star Trek and Thunderbirds to the point he listens to Star Trek Soundtracks with me and walks round counting down from five and then shouting Thunderbirds are Go! and you can’t buy experiences like that.


I was in the car the other day when it struck me that with all the appointments Leo has had for his hearing since he was born I haven’t really had a lot of time to reflect on how Oliver has adapted to being the older brother. I started to think about how he will grab nappies for Leo when needed and wipes and how he tells Keighley that Leo is crying and that he needs mork (milk) as he puts it. I was also thinking about how old he has become in a short space of time from being the baby of the family to taking on what he perceives as his responsibilities as an older brother. Now I hasten to add we haven’t enforced or put anything on Oliver to act the way he does about his brother but he does so naturally.

I am in shock at how quickly Oliver has gone from little baby dependant on everything to a ‘I’m gonna go play in the garden with the dog’ on my own toddler with likes and dislikes of his own and a personality that astounds me almost daily.

Now I’m working again I love spending time with both kids and am looking forward to two weeks of relaxation later this year when we go to see family. 

One thing is certain I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for my little family  and what the boys do in that time that makes us laugh,  sit up and take notice or even just think where’s that time gone. One thing I do know is that it’ll be fun to watch but also important to cherish the moments that do happen. 

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