Green Fingers!

As with a lot of other people I grew up with grandparents that were and still are keen gardeners and it rubbed off on me.  Ever since I can remember I have been having a go at growing my own flowers or vegetables, be it with my grandparents or my parents but have never managed to achieve anything. This has continued to now, including an allotment for a short while but I’ve never been that good at it.

We gave up the allotment earlier this year and so now all I have to dabble in a two smallish raised beds and a couple of pots on our decking which is included in a shared garden, where we live. I thought well ok I have the strawberry plant that has some how survived when everything else in the bed died and a completely empty bed that was fresh for new flowers.  I decided that in one I was going to put in some shop bought (ready grown and flowering) pansys and in the other put some other fruit plants and perhaps a tomato plant as well.

Well I never got round to the other fruit plants and tomato plants so the strawberries have literally had the bed to themselves and this has been the result.  I hasten to add that with the erratic weather we have been having I haven’t actually watered these myself, but am pleased with the results anyway.

This was tiny in march it now takes up half the bed.
Fruit beginning to form.

As for the shop bought plants I usually by they all tend to die off after a couple of week’s but again for reasons unknown they have flourished.


I am really pleased with the results with what I planted this year. I am also curious as to what other people plant or grow?

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