Potty Talk.


Now I have often thought that potty training to one of those things that is always omnipresent in a babies life, in that you know it’s going to happen at some point and you a pretty much guaranteed accidents when you do get there. It’s also the thing about being a father I’ve dreaded mainly because I’m not there all the time with work and a course I’m doing. I dread it because my wife will have a routine with him and I want to work to that routine and am always worried that I won’t manage it. 

For us Oliver has been giving signs of being ready since January but because of the birth of Leo and then the endless appointments we haven’t been able to pursue it as we’d like. However this Friday just gone Oliver decided he was going to ditch the nappy for good, pull ups included.  We have had a couple of accidents but nothing major and we can’t believe it.  We did manage to persuade him to wear nappies at night but the one I changed this morning was dry after 7 hours in it.

We are looking forward to seeing how Oliver adjusts to life out of the nappy but he seems to be adjusting just fine at the moment.

The next challenge we be ditching the muslins and dummies but that is for another time.

I have included some links on tips for potty training and also for a free pull ups sample and dry nights sample

Potty Training Tips from Parents.com

Potty Training Tips from Baby centre

Huggies Pull Ups Free Samples

Dry Nites Free Samples

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