National Bookstart Week.

This week is National Bookstart Week.

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I am a huge fan of books always have been and always will be. They get you using your imagination,  be it what Willy Wonkas factory looks in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ or Hogwarts in the Harry Potter books each time someone reads these books, the places are slightly different in everyone’s imagination.  This is why I avidly read to both my children whenever I can. Oliver loves books and now at the age of only too loves sitting down with a picture book and looking at the pictures and making his own stories up and also choosing books for Daddy or Mummy to read when bed time rolls round. We also read to Leo too even though he is only fourteen weeks old, he may not understand what we are doing or saying but it is a great way to bond with him during a quiet moment.

It was for this reason that I signed up to Bookstart newsletters as soon as our Health Visitor had given Oliver his first pack. I get monthly emails suggesting great books to read and other advice on getting children to keep reading.

Now Oliver is two he has had his second pack which we picked up from the local library and he loved it just as much and Leo also got his first pack from our Health Visitor, which to our surprise was different from the first pack Oliver got. We also discovered Leo is entitled to one that’ll help him with his hearing loss.

I would recommend signing up to Bookstart which you can do here

Also make sure you claim your free books from the Health Visitor and Library when the times are right.

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