They believe they can fly!

When we booked the tickets to go to Athens for my brother in laws sons Christening I hadn’t really given much thought to what it was going to be like flying with two kids.


We booked with Easyjet as we have used them a number of times to fly to Athens and have never been disappointed,  there was also the added benefit of them being the cheapest.  We did the wise thing and took the first flight of the morning as although Oliver was awake, thanks to airport security,  Leo was still very much asleep and once we’d taken off Oliver cuddled up with Daddy and we had a doze.

All sleep on Easyjet

Leo practically slept all the way about from his bottle and a little bit towards the end where he flirted with other passengers who were answering the call of nature.  As for Oliver once he had woken up he was good as gold, playing with his toys and watching Button Moon  and Alphablocks on a tablet computer. There were two moments where we thought it was going to go wrong, one never happened to badly but the second was when he wanted to use the toilet.  Well I opened the door and he just backed off so quickly I knew he was scared.  He just said no wee wee and made a be line for Mummy. Still not sure what freaked him but I wasn’t going to push it as he had just started using the potty and few days before. 

As for the Easyjet cabin crew I couldn’t fault them, although we didn’t order any food or anything they answered our questions about where the buggies were going to be and also helping us convince Oliver to fasten his seat belt for landing. 

All in all we again couldn’t fault Easyjet and also our kids, they were so well behaved it was surreal.

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