Product Review: Phil & Teds Airlight Baby Carrier


Airports can be a nightmare at the best of times, so you can imagine what trying to traverse an airport; its security and all those regulations with a baby and a two year old was going to be like. With that in mind my wife and I thought it was a good idea to buy a baby carrier to make things easier.

We went shopping to Mothercare around two weeks before our trip and were surprised to find that there were none to try on, which being an item that you are going to wear you would expect such a thing. However on further enquiries we discovered that the staff were more then happy to open the carriers for people to try on.

My wife an I picked out three that were within our price range and as I would be the one wearing it in the airport and in Greece, I tried them on. The first one I tried on was just uncomfortable for myself so we didn’t even try it with Leo in. The second one I tried on was comfortable but when we tried to get Leo (our three month old) into it he didn’t fit! The third on I tried on was the ‘Phil & Teds Airlight’, which is made of a material that allows air to circulate around the parent and baby, thus keeping them cool, which when you consider we were planning to use it in Greece would be an advantage. It comes in a variety of colours blue, red and orange to name a few and was unique enough in its look to make us slightly different from the crowd.

Myself and Leo trying it out before our holiday

The Airlight is designed to fold neatly away for storage in a pouch roughly the size of a bum bag and then fits into a bag for storing. When it comes to wearing the Airlight it is really easy to put on, with just four clips you are wearing it within seconds. Placing your child inside is just as easy. Once you are wearing the Airlight simply unzip the front of the carrier and place your baby inside with his or her legs hanging out the bottom and their arms fit just about half way up above the clips holding the straps together. Once the baby is inside you then zip up the front up as far as the babies head leaving enough room for the babies head to move but not so loose that the babies head rocks or moves as you walk.

When I had put Leo in the Airlight it was still very comfortable to wear not pulling or digging in to much anywhere. However we did notice that Leo sits better when the cushion that is supplied is in place then he did without it.

The only issue we had with the Airlight and it is a major one, is this, when Leo is wearing shorts or a short legged baby grow we found that the carrier dug into his legs leaving red marks, he does have big legs for his age but this did also happen with trousers on but nowhere near as much.

We would recommend the Airlight to parents but would make them aware that there is the issue of the carrier digging into the legs.

Pros: Lightweight, easy to use, easy to store, for a baby carrier its on the cheaper side, easy to store.

Cons: The carrier cutting into the babies legs.

If I operated a star system I would give the Airlight 4 out of 5.

For more information on the Airlight please visit the Phil & Teds Website

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