Latest Goodreads.

As mentioned before in a couple of previous posts Goodreads and National Bookstart Week Oliver loves books so I decided to post a few we’ve discovered recently that he loves.

Thomas and Friends: My Thomas Potty Book
ISBN 978 1 4052 7307 7

This is a great book that we discovered in TK Maxx. It is a story designed to encourage toddlers to start using the potty and becoming a big boy. It also includes a reward chart with stickers which they get when they use the potty. Oliver keeps coming back to this book time and again.
I would personally recommend this book for anyone with a Thomas fan that’s about to start potty training.

Mog and Bunny
ISBN 0 00 664033 8
Mog on Fox Night
ISBN 0 00 664501 1
Surprisingly we found both these books on holiday in Greece for sale second hand outside a hotel.

Both these books are lovely picture books with one or two sentences per page to explain the picture. Oliver does love these books but I think probably because the cat looks similar to one of ours. The prose is lovely and I enjoy reading them and am now looking for more in the series.

Goat Goes To Playgroup
ISBN 978 1 4472 6283 1

We got this book for free in Olivers two year old Bookstart pack. It is about a Goat that goes to Playgroup and his experiences in the playgroup. Goat experiences everything from painting through to eating grapes and also wetting himself.  It is a great book for two reasons, firstly because of the fact it lets a child know that playgroup on their own is going to be fun and not scary and also because it is easy to read.  The book rhymes with each page which is great. Oliver enjoys this aspect of the book as well because he is able to make an attempt to read along.

Sometimes I Feel … Sunny
ISBN 978 0 552 57169 2

This book was also free from Bookstart and it deals with feelings, happy and sad etc.  This is great because Oliver really identifies with the feelings in the book and we talk about them.

These books will be added to our Goodreads page which is available from the sidebar.

Which books have you read to your little ones? 

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