Fathers Day 2015

A biscuit made by Oliver

This was my third fathers day and my best yet. I got the best present I could ever want and that is the love of my kids and wife. I feel so blessed that I have two very healthy kids who get excited when I get in from work, jump all over me, stamp on my feet, park toy cars on me at various times and just giving me love and affection all times of day and night. 

Yes I got a fantastic present that I would have never thought of wanting in the form of a beard trimmer, which will make keeping mine nice now nice and easy, and I also got lovely cards, one from the kids and one from my wife, but I also was lucky enough not to work and spend some quality time with my family just relaxing and having fun.

It's mine! All mine!

Here’s to more times like that through out this year ahead. 

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