When the Batteries Run Out!

We all have them. Toys with batteries, but what do we do when the batteries run out? 


Now for a lot of parents the obvious choice is to never replace them again and who can blame them, after all there are only so many times one can hear “I am a little cement mixer, on my way to work” being sung out of your childs Toot Toot car, or the rev of a tractors engine as it moves along the floor in front of you. I however take a different approach, when I can I will replace the toys batteries the same day they run out, my reasoning is this, yes they might be annoying noises, but the creators of the toy must have known what the were doing right?

Well according to sheknows.com there is little difference in battery powered toys and non battery toys. They both have educational value, things like building blocks and stacking cups teach kids hand eye coordination whilst battery powered toys that have buttons etc they tend to play music and this is shown to have an impact on a child’s ability to deal with Math and emotional response.

So even if those noisy battery powered toys drive you round the bend, remember that when their batteries run out its better for your child you replace them even if it’s not good for our sanity as parents.

One thought on “When the Batteries Run Out!

  1. We are good about replacing the batteries, surprisingly! I think this is mostly due to the fact that when they start to loose their juice the toys start making demonic sounding noises and once you already have the screwdriver in hand you might as well do the job fully, right? Lol Also, as obnoxious as that sounds are they really have toned them down in the past 15 years.. They used to be much louder!

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