The Weaning Stage Part One!

Leo eating Carrot

Well its official Leo has now started the weaning stage. Pretty much he was excited about seeing my pizza on the table in front of him when we were in Greece he has been showing an interest in what we are eating but we weren’t sure if we should give it a go. Around the end of June Keighley decided to try him on some baby rice, however Leo wasn’t impressed with it at all. So we decide to leave it a while however about two weeks ago Keighley decided to give him another try, this time with Aptimel Porridge and he loved it and now this week we are onto trying carrot which he again loves.

I’m really not sure if we are being baby led or parent led or a combination of the two but what I do know is I’m hoping for Leo to be as fuss free as Oliver was and still is. We have always encouraged Oliver to try new foods and flavours purely so he has a very varied palette and on the whole it’s worked and that’s the attitude we intend to take with Leo.

Any tips or advice will be welcomed.

More weaning updates coming soon.

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