Star Trekkin… With a 2 year old!


One of my favourite,  actually scratch that, my favourite by far TV and Movie franchise is Star Trek I love all the incarnations from the Original Series with Kirk, Spock and McCoy through to Enterprise with Archer, Trip and TPol. I have probably watched moat episodes multiple times and know most episodes by the beginning of the intro credits.

Star Trek The Next Generation Cast Season One. No Infringement Intended.

My passion for Star Trek started when I was around six years old when my mum allowed me to stay up late and watch the brand new series Star Trek The Next Generation. I remember sitting there with my mum completely enthralled by the Enterprise D and it’s crew and wanting to see if they defeated the enemy of the week, whether it be Q or the Romulans or even the dreaded Borg! 

Star Treks 24th Century Crews. No infringement intended.

By 1996 when Star Trek First Contact came out in Cinemas I was probably what you’d call a casual Trekkie however I was taken to see First Contact as a Christmas present and loved every single minute of it. It was my first Trek feature film on the ‘Silver Screen’ and I was drawn into it so much. As time moved on and Paramount called time on the TV Trek through the stars in 2005 I had become a full time Trekkie and with the absence of any new trek I re watched and re watched the ones I had on DVD then in 2007 Paramount announced that Star Trek was coming back to the big screen. Fast forward through the intervening years and when the twelve movie came out in May 2013 I found myself in the position of being a Dad, after watching In To Darkness I found myself wondering if I would introduce Oliver to Star Trek and if so when.

The Five TV Captains.

Well to be honest it happened sooner rather then later with Oliver being in the room when I was watching The Animated Series and him watching along with me and then we moved onto Deep Space Nine and The Next Generation it’s got to the point now that he loves listening to the Themes for these shows and watching them as well.


In 2014 Destination Star Trek returned to Londons Excel for their third convention and I decided I wanted to go and experience what a convention was like and the one thing I knew and that was Oliver was gonna be coming with me.

Oliver and Grandad with the Starship Enterprise

I am so glad I did he had a wonderful time and loved wearing his own Star Trek Uniform made by Great Nanny (my Nan).

Olivers and Daddy's Uniforms

Now a year later I find that my two year old is as into Star Trek as I am playing with a small selection of Starships with his toy cars and also asking for the music to be played every now and then in the car. It is in this time as we are getting news about the new movie Star Trek Beyond due out in time for the 50th anniversary and which much of the original cast either passing away or seriously ill I find myself thinking will Oliver look back on these actors and have the same sort of fondness I do or will he look back at the new Kirk, Spock and McCoy and their adventures with a fondness that is different from my perceptions of them as a second generation playing these characters. One thing I know for certain is that if Star Trek can last fifty years then it can survive another fifty and Oliver will have the opportunity to enjoy new and thrilling adventures during his life time.

We contracted a deadly disease whilst at Excel

As mentioned Star Trek Beyond news is now appearing steadily online so I have decided that I am going to bring this and other Trek news to you in monthly updates.

One thought on “Star Trekkin… With a 2 year old!

  1. Passing on our passions to our children is important. They can do what they like with it as they grow older, but in the meantime it’s great bonding if they’re into it too. For me it’s Star Wars and superheroes – and luckily they’re very much of the moment too. I’m a lapsed Trekkie, but the 3yo’s spotted a few of the DVD’s around, plus I have some ST Motion Picture figures in our Star Wars box (Spock, Ilia, Decker, Scotty). The toys are always the key thing that helped her relate to something onscreen initially when she was 2. Good luck with it! There’s so much Trek there’s bound to always be something to engage him…

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