#dothedaddance” dancing for charity

#dothedaddance: https://youtu.be/_fBT162YlrQ

Here is my video of myself and my kids doing #dothedaddance. 

Here is what it is all about. 


Dad dancing is one of the world’s unexplainable, natural phenomenon’s. Before becoming dads, all men have the ability to shake their groove thing and then the second that little bundle of joy arrives, dad grows 2 left feet and develops an awkward shuffle.

Ok, ok. That isn’t exactly fact, but there is a definite trend in the way many dads dance.

Dads are important and have been overlooked for many years when it comes to parenting. But in today’s world, we’re witnessing a cultural shift where dads are becoming more and more involved in the lives of their children. And it’s a fantastic shift to be a part of.

To continue to raise the profile of dads all around the world,  The Dad Network  is tapping in to dad’s secret dance weapon and launching  #DoTheDadDance  charity campaign in aid of UNICEF. The world’s first online dance off!

Not only are UNICEF a fabulous charity, who help millions of children every year, but also it’s wonderful to see dads uniting together to stand up and be counted.

The campaign is simple:

1. Dance with or without the children.
2. Film yourself
3. Upload it to social media using the hashtag #dothedaddance
4. Nominate 2 or 3 of your dad friends to do the same
5. Donate £2 to UNICEF using the unique text code or by visiting:  http://www.justgiving.com/dothedaddance

We need as many dads as possible to take part and join in.  We need as many dads as possible to shout out loud about how important dads are in the lives of their children and we need as many dads as possible to help raise money for a valuable cause.

For more information, visit:  http://www.thedadnetwork.co.uk/dothedaddance 

Words by Al Ferguson of The Dad Network

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