Little Fellas Fun Days Out # 1:Summer Holiday Antics!


As parents we always strive to keep our kids entertained and in the summer we try and make sure this is outdoors rather then stuck in front of the TV. I dare say that like most people we are always on a budget and looking out for the things to do that are either free or cheap. One of our favourite things is taking the dog out over the local fields and going for a walk but we don’t want this to be all our sons do.

We all know that an important part of a child’s development is learning how to socially interact with other child and adults outside of the family circle and Oliver and Leo are lucky in the fact that we have a number of friends with kids around the same age that they see regularly,  however every now and then we want them to interact with new children and new social situations in an attempt to broaden their horizons as it were. A firm favourite of my wife’s has been to take Oliver and now Leo to something called Messy Play and this is fantastic. The few times I’ve been along we’ve played with paints, mud, water and also a mix of cornflower and water to make a gloop which when they play with it on a surface it is hard but when they try and pick it up it turns to a liquid, it tends to be a favourite with the adults as well as the kids. Our local sessions cost around £5 so it doesn’t break the bank, however we recently found that our local sure start centre are running messy play in the summer holidays for £1 for all of us with many other activities aimed at Olivers age throughout the holidays some free and some with a small charge.

Oliver, Leo and Daddy playing with Gloop

We have many more activities planned for Oliver and Leo throughout the summer and there is one which we will be repeating and that is a Bouncy Fun Day at our local primary school every week during the summer holidays as well. Oliver has never been on a bouncy castle but my wife and I thought that for £5 it was worth a shot at giving him a go on them. Essentially the school field is covered in various bouncy castles and the kids can go on as many or as few as they like as many times as they like and Oliver loved them.

What we have learned this holiday is that you don’t have to travel great distances to have fun that is outside which in my mind is fantastic especially when it’s free as it means we can then have a couple of big days out now and then as well.

What have you been doing with your little ones this summer holidays? We would love to know

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