Product Review Snooze Shade


How do you keep the sun off your little ones? Is a question most parents ask themselves when the British summer rears it’s head at various times of the year. Most people use a sun umbrella attached to the side of the pram or buggy which is all well and good unless you have an iCandy which is a fantastic pram but when it comes to universal attachments not much so. When we looked into getting a sun umbrella we found it to be a staggering £35. Now with Oliver we used a combination of muslin squares and pegs to keep the sun off him as well as avoiding going out in the hottest part of the day which as you can imagine wasn’t the best way of doing things. So when Leo came along and we again found ourselves looking for sun umbrellas my wife decided that perhaps a new approach was in order. 

The Snoozeshade on our iCandy

Keighleys new approach was to look at sun shades rather then sun umbrellas and she soon came across a number of different styles and colours but she wasn’t 100% happy with them mainly for two reasons the first being that we wanted one that was easy to store and also one that had UV protection which surprisingly most didn’t. 

Following a look online we went to Mothercare and had a look at one called the ‘Snoozeshade’, which was priced at £19.99, which I felt was on the expensive side but when look consider a £35 price tag for an umbrella it turns into a good buy.

Leo asleep after us using the Snoozeshade

The ‘Snoozeshade’ had everything we were looking for with easy to fold and store around the size of a small ladies bag and also the important part which was the UV protection. 

The design of the ‘Snoozeshade’ is a simple one. The size once unfolded is more the amble to cover probably all prams and strollers currently on the market with ease. We have personally used it one both configurations of our iCandy and also on Olivers fold up stroller and had no problems with attachment or coverage every time.  Talking of attachment this is so easy even Oliver could do it. There are six velcro strips at roughly equal distance around the shade and they just tie round the frame of the pram or stroller and stay in place. The main material of the ‘Snoozeshade’ is a black mesh of which there is two or three layers with pin prick holes in to allow air circulation. It also has a zip in the front so you can check on your child without disturbing them.

The zip area of the Snoozeshade

On the whole we found the ‘Snoozeshade’ extremely easy to use and would recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to the traditional sun umbrella as it actually works and also it does send your child to sleep as well.
Our main concern of this product however is the fact that because it is made of a black material once it is covering the pram or stroller we found that it did heat up inside not to a huge temperature but enough to concern us  and take it off when that happens. 

For more information about Snoozeshade visit their website  here

2 thoughts on “Product Review Snooze Shade

  1. Sure wish they made this in a white, or light tan. Something that wouldn’t heat up, as MY Oliver gets very hot (to the point his cheeks turn red).

    That said, I would be willing to give it a shot based on your review. Thx!

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