Leo’s Bookshine Pack from Booktrust

Image from Google Images

One thing that Booktrust do is give books out to kids, this is fantastic and well worth spreading the news on. However one thing I didn’t know until talking to Booktrust when they were giving away books in the centre I work in was that they do special packs for children with hearing loss. We have finally managed to receive ours thanks to the hard work of the Southend team.

The pack is fantastic. It has two books and a double sided sheet with songs on but also signs to the songs. One of the songs is Old McDonald, a Leo favourite anyway, but we are now able to do the signs for cow and sheep which I think is fantastic for us and him.

The contents of the Bookshine Pack

As for the books one is a touch and feel book where he can feel what things feel like, which is great for any baby anyway and the other is a rhyme book with actions and signs for him and me to learn. 

Now Leo is almost six months old it is a great time for him to get into books and this is going to be a great way for him to do it and hopefully he will be as into reading as Oliver is by the time he is two. 

For more info on Booktrust, Bookstart and Bookshine click here

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