Little Fellas Fun Days Out # 2: Adventure Island and Southend Seafront.



Last Saturday my parents treated us to a day trip out on Southend Seafront and Adventure Island. We went on one of the hottest days of the year but with the sea breeze it was cool enough to bear.

Southend Seafront itself has had a major rejuvenation in recent years with the council investing millions to improve it and make it more family friendly and it’s worked the whole area has a fun feel too it from the arcades through to the tall multi coloured lights that illuminate the seafront at night it is a place to bring your family to have fun and relax.


We spent most of our time in Adventure Island which is a small theme park located either side and beneath Southend Pleasure Pier. It has a number of rides aimed at various ages and also a new indoor area with around four or five rides two of which are aimed at toddlers and up, a soft play area and numerous other machines and games to enjoy yourself on.

When we first entered the park I don’t think Oliver could quite believe his eyes and was a little overwhelmed but after a ride on a train he was up for more rides. The amount of rides they have been able to squeeze into a small area is amazing mixed in with restaurants and other attractions. 

The Crooked House

Adventure Island are free to enter but you require one of three types of wristbands to ride. They do one for people over 1.2 metres which is valid for all rides, one for people between 1 metre and 1.2 metres which allows you on most of the rides and then one for little people under 1 metre (toddlers) which allows you access to rides suitable for that age.

Oliver and Nanny putting out the fires.

We rode on a lot of rides but I think Olivers favourite was a water cannon where he had to put out the pretend fires.

We would recommend Adventure Island to parents with kids of all ages. It is simply a fantastic day out and with Southend Seafront as well there is so much to do you won’t fit it all in.

For more information about Adventure Island click here

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