The Weaning Stage Part Two!


Leo’s weaning is coming on well, he has been trying new things regularly and Keighley has been making her own food for him. This is fantastic for at home but when it came to going out we would put it in a pot taking up quite a bit of room in the baby bag, that is until Keighley stumbled across this on the Tesco Direct Website. 

Fill n Squeeze

Fill n Squeeze is a product that allows you to make your own baby food and then take it out and about with the minimum of fuss. You just make your baby food as normal and then instead of putting it in pots or a bowl you put in the the plastic jug then use the plunger and squeeze it into the pouch to take out and about.


The way this is done Is so easy and you can easily fill a pouch in around a minute. The pouch then is sealed with a screw cap as on shop bought pouches.


The pouches are easily cleaned after use and can be used again and again. To clean the pouches we just repeat the fill process but instead of food use warm soapy water and then rinse out under the tap.

When Keighley said she had bought this I was dubious but it has turned out to be one of those products you can’t live without.  We would throughly recommend it to parents who really don’t want to use shop bought baby food. 

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