Olivers Library Reading Challenge.

I have blogged about before in Goodreads, National Bookstart Week and Leo’s Bookshine Pack as parents we firmly believe in our kids ability to read and enjoy books. With this in mind we recently signed Oliver up at our local village library and on a recent trip Keighley was asked if he would like to take part in a Summer Reading Challenge called Record Breakers.


All Oliver has to do is read six books during the summer holidays and he will get a sticker for each book read and then a medal once we has read all six. Now obviously as Oliver can’t read yet it’s fallen to Daddy and Mummy to also take part, which neither of us minds as we have discovered a lot about trucks as a result. 

Olivers first book choice.

Now Olivers first book choice was a book called. What am I?  Truck.  Now I am assuming that What am I? Is a series of books and trucks are just one of them. We now know however about all different types of trucks. That being said Oliver loves it and has been making cow noises when we see the milk tanker and also can now say log and tree clearly in relation to the logging truck.

The second book he chose was Three Cheers For Thomas the Tank Engine.

Olivers second chosen book.

This book was always going to be a sure fire winner as Oliver has been into Thomas for some time now. In this book the other Engines organise a party for Thomas to celebrate ‘what a really useful engine’ he is.  I personally like this book because of its layout and repetitiveness which meant that Oliver was kept engaged from the off, which is a great thing.

So Oliver has read with a little help from mummy and daddy two books so far and has gone to the library this week to get some more. He loves the idea of getting his stickers and is looking forward to receiving his medal at the end of the six books.

I will keep you updated on his progress.

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