A Dog Called Molly.

Now one of our family members I don’t think I’ve written about is our little dog Molly.


Molly is a pug and shitzu cross who we’ve had for around a year now and I can honestly say it’s like having a third child but in a good way. Oliver and her go everywhere together and love each other dearly.

Sitting on Oliver in the car.

We were worried too about her reaction to a new baby just before Leo was born so she was sent to spend the week with her doggy pal at Keighleys grandparents; but we needn’t have worried she loves Leo just as much as she does Oliver and allows him to pull her fur (not that we allow it) in exchange for a lick on his hand from her. She also goes to Leos side when he is crying and sits with him until either Keighley or I get there and will then stay until we sort out Leo and he has stopped crying.

Molly sitting with Leo

When we first got Molly we really were not sure what we were getting ourselves into but she has become an important member of our family and now I couldn’t imagine life without her, especially as she is just as excited as the kids when I get in from work,  in fact I have to fight the dog off to get through the door some evenings.

I am truly impressed with how she copes with kids and how much fun she has had this summer just chasing after Oliver in the garden. When we got Molly that small dogs and children don’t mix and that we were making a mistake but after having Molly for a year I honestly feel that that person was wrong.

Playing hide and seek with Oliver

I look forward to many more years of watching Oliver and Leo growing and watching Molly grow with them.

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