Weaning with Exotic Fruit.


Our Tesco Orchard Exotic fruit vouchers came through the post at just the right time. Since we have been weaning Leo for a few months now I was starting to struggle to come up with different meal ideas that was fresh,quick,easy and exciting.
At Tesco we picked out some Mangos, a fruit we have eaten before but normally buy pre cut. Papaya which we have never eaten before and blush pears which have a red tint to them. I also grabbed a few extra bits like cod from the counter and frozen peas and chicken.


Mixing in fruit with Leo’s meals is something I have tried before and has been a hit so I decided to make Cod,Peas and Blush Pear. As Leo has not had Fish before I wanted to add something sweet to keep the meal exciting for him.
cooking the meal was very simple and took less them 15mins. The Cod came in a ready to cook bag which I chucked in the Air fryer, While that was cooking I put the peas in the microwave and peeled and cut the Blush Pear. All 3 items was then put into the NutriBaby and blended to the texture I wanted.


Before adding the Blush pear I tried some myself and was surprised it had the taste of a over ripe sweet pear but without the softness/mushy texture. It was a nice and firm texture.  The ingredients made enough food for 2/3 meals and Leo despite being ill and not eating much very quickly wolfed the whole meal down.


Moving on to the Mango and Papaya I decided to cut them into fingers and let Leo feed his self they was both soft enough for him to bite/suck bits off but firm enough for him to be able to handle.


My ideas of fingers didn’t quite work out as I had trouble cutting the mango but a quick Google showed me where I went wrong. The papaya I cut into 1/4’s, scoped out the seeds and removed the skin every much the same way you would a melon.
Both fruits was very sweet and juicy although the Papaya has a musky undertone. Once again Leo couldn’t get enough of the fruit and cried when he had finished them so it’s something we would be adding on to our weekly shop.
Papaya and mango are great first weaning fruits that can be easily mushed with a fork for a quick and simple dessert that’s different from the normal banana and apple. The next meal I’m hoping to cook for Leo is mango, chicken and vegetables (I have not decided which ones yet).

This post is written by my wife Keighley for Orchard at Tesco, a product testing group available here.

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