Goodread Book Review: Patch and the Climbing Frame


Whilst I was writing my post on the Ronald McDonald House Charity I contacted them for some more information in regards to the charity. Whilst emailing back and forth they mentioned that they were due to release a series of eBooks and asked if I would like to review the first one and I jumped at the chance.


As I have blogged about before Keighley and I feel that reading is important so this was a fantastic opportunity to read a good book whilst helping Ronald McDonald House Charity to spread the word of their fantastic work.

The book they sent us is called Patch and the Climbing Frame.
The story is easy to read and has a rhythm and rhyme going through it.


The book is about Patch a Nightlight Dog who goes on an adventure to the park to try and conquer his fear of the really tall climbing frame. First off he goes there on his own and has a great time on the slide and swings but cannot find the courage to confront his fear, so leaves the park. When Isabelle hears about his fear of the climbing frame she tells him that they are going to confront it together. So off the go to the park and together confront the fear of the dreaded climbing frame.

The story itself is set in Camberwell where Ronald McDonald House Charity currently have a house so where we don’t know the area we don’t have that personal link to the names of the parks and streets etc but that doesn’t spoil the story in anyway.


I read this to Oliver as a bedtime story one evening on the families tablet computer and found it very easy to access and then follow. As the book is a PDF file all you need to accsss it is adobe or similar  which is great if like us you don’t own either a Kindle or Kobo. Oliver loved the character of Patch but was a little more uncertain of his friend Isabelle. He also loved the fact that the story was set in the park as he is a fan of swings, slides and climbing frames himself. Oliver asked for the next story following this one and we will definitely be downloading them as they are released. 


To download the first story click here.

For more information on Ronald McDonald House Charity click here and here

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