He’s Back!


One of my favourite shows as a child was Danger Mouse, so I was wary when I heard that CBBC had commissioned a comeback. I feel that there are some classics like Danger Mouse, Thunderbirds and the Clangers that are best left alone because they were so good the first time round that to tamper with them is a dangerous area to tread.

Due to the time that CBBC have chosen to air the episodes, 6pm, we record them to watch at a later date. On Wednesday morning Oliver and I sat down to watch the first two episodes before I left for work and where Oliver was excited about a ‘Mouse driving a race car’ (in his words) I was relived to find that the spirit of the original was to all intense and purposes was left intact. Like the Thunderbirds comeback before it the creative team seem to have thought long and hard about what they were going to change and what they weren’t. Like so many comebacks,  reboots, call them what you will they have far to often thrown away everything that made the original so special but this certainly isn’t the case here. Yes there have been some understandable modernisations like the reference to the nephew finding a video on the Internet when a spy agency hadn’t heard anything about a villains plot to take over the world, but they are changes that have enhanced the show rather then detracted from it.

As for Oliver he loved it he happily watches a couple of episodes at a time and will interact with us when we talk about it telling us about the fly car etc.


The Danger Mouse comeback is, in our household, a big success and long may it continue. 

My thoughts however do turn to what they might bring back next??? Anyone got any thoughts on that?

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