Campaign for Subtitled Digital Media


Everyone  likes a good campaign and you are always being asked to sign for one thing or the other and lots get the support of high profile people yet it seems deafness/ hearing loss gets over looked. Action on Hearing Loss are looking to remedy that. 


Did you know on demand TV shows have no subtitles which means if you need them to watch TV you are left out from watching any shows online/on demand. With TV channels moving more and more shows on -line like BBC3 for example this is leaving more and more shows unaccessible for people who rely on subtitles. Did you know” Most people begin to lose a small amount of their hearing from around 40 years of age. This hearing loss increases as you get older. By the age of 80, most people have significant hearing problems”(taken from NHS choice website) so the chances are in future subtitles are going to be something you will depend on. I know Leo my son is going to need them otherwise like me his just going to grow up watching the screen not hearing what’s going on, Feeling left out when everyone is talking about the show or wondering why people are laughing. So I wonder if you could share this one to support subtitles on on demand shows? Being deaf myself I am totally left out from watching any TV on demand and I now want to help change this if you do to then please sign

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