Crafty crafts: Halloween Decorations


With Halloween coming up and the cold winter days drawing in, It’s the perfect excuse to spend cozy days indoors doing some Art and Crafts.

These Loo Roll spookies are a ideal craft for toddlers and can be spread over a few restless/rainy days.


We made Bats, Cats, Ghosts and Spiders.They were so simple and fun to make.


The first day we just had a painting day with loads of Loo Rolls and Oliver painted them Black, Grey, white and multi coloured (this was Oliver’s favourite one to do).

A few days later and another restless afternoon we started working on making them into Halloween spookies. Below is a quick outline on how we made each one. We made them up as we went along so next time we would do some things different but that’s the fun in doing things your own way there is no wrong or right way. 

The Ghost


For the ghost we simply laid white tissue paper over the top of a loo roll and glued goggly eyes on.

The Cats


For the cat we cut a loo roll in half so we got two cats out of one Loo Roll. Then I cut out felt ears (You could also use cardboard) and Oliver glued them and the eyes on then drew on a mouth.

Thinking about it we could have kept them as one Loo Roll and used a pipe cleaner as a tail. 

The Bats


The bats were really simple again. I cut out the wings from black felt while Oliver glued on the eyes. 

The Spider


The spider was the most work. We had to divide the bottom half into 8 “legs” then Oliver went wild sticking on as many eyes as he could. 

We are having a Halloween party and we will be using these as decorations for the party. Most people have the supplies laying around to make these so they are a cheap/free way to decorate. 

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