Christmas Biscuits: HYATLC #2

One of the easiest Christmas crafts you can do is baking and decorating biscuits. We made the sugar cookie from the recipe found on The Little Cupcake House Blog


You could decorate them in a number of ways with royal icing, icing sugar and decorate with sprinkles or even dipped in chocolate. Every kid I know loves decorating biscuits for there family and friends and they made ideal gifts when place inside little gift bags. Some more ideas are:


 -using them as place settings on Christmas Day, Getting the kids to decorated a biscuit for individual people. 


-If you poke a little hole in the biscuit before baking once decorated you could hang them on the tree as decorations.


– plus you could make a special biscuit to leave out for Santa and the reindeers. The ideas an endless and they all make a fun baking afternoon with all the family. 


If baking is not your thing or you are short of Time some ready made biscuits, a pack of icing sugar with some food colouring and a range of sprinkles are just as good. 


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