Crafty Crafts: Firework Pictures

 With today being bonfire night and this coming weekend being the time when most public and private displays of fireworks are going to take place we thought it would be a great idea for Oliver to make some firework inspired pictures.  

What you need!

  • Black Card
  • Laminating Sheet
  • Laminator
  • Scissors
  • PVA Glue
  • Glitter 
  • Starry background or tissue paper. 
  • Sticky tape

What to do!

An adult will be required for the first part. 

Take a piece of black card and using the scissors cut a nighttime scene that you want, it can be anything from a cityscape through to a countryside scene.

Then take your cut out scene and place it inside a piece of laminating sheet and then place into a preheated laminator. Repeat these two steps as many times as pictures you want to make. 

Once the sheet has cooled you can then start with the fireworks. Choose a side that is going to be the back and place this face up on your table, then get your child to dribble PVA Glue on to the sheet in a firework explosion style. You can either do multiple fireworks at once (like Oliver did) or one at a time, depending on the effect you want. 

When you are happy with the glue then get the various glitter colours and sprinkle it on to the glue areas and leave it to dry. 

Once the glue is dry you can then do your background for the pictures, we used a starry wallpaper from our local DIY store but you could also use navy tissue paper and then put the pictures in your window. Simply cut whatever background you are going to use and the using a little bit of sticky tape,  stick the background onto the side of the picture where the fireworks were placed.
You now have one finished firework picture that can be treasured forever. 

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