Digging for fun! Our trip to Marsh Farm to dig for Potatoes!

Back at the beginning of October my wife and I decided to take a return trip to Marsh Farm on a day when we knew it was not going absolutely rammed with people as it was when we went for Kidsfest in August. An added bonus this time was the tickets were free after I had been talking about Kidsfest to a work colleague whilst (not to my knowledge) had been serving the owner of Marsh Farm, with shirts at work.

The Boys with their produce

The day we went was a lovely Autumn day with lots of sunshine but not to hot. When we arrived and entered the Farm we noticed that there were a lot more animals around this time and also that some of the bits running at Kidsfest were running on this day too so that was an added bonus. 


Oliver milking a model cow
First off we went to see the goats and Llamas then headed round to where they had the potato digging was to see when we could go. Having identified a good time for us we decided to explore and see if there were any more animals then last time and we weren’t disappointed as we came across birds of prey giving a show and also rabbits, ferrets and a whole host of other pet type creatures. We also came across an walk through enclosure consisting of different types of birds from parrots to finches which Leo loved. 


Digging for potatoes
Following lunch we went back to have a go at potato digging, upon meeting at the designated point we were taken with a group of other people outside the main farm and into a field which was split in roughly half, half potatoes and half pumpkins. Both Oliver and Leo were allowed a bucket and a kiddie sized fork and then we were taken into the field and given an area in which we could dig and look for potatoes. Although Marsh Farm had dug them up previously they had slightly buried them in the soil so the kids felt like it was them digging up the potatoes. 


Oliver having fun on the tractor
Once we had filled our buckets we were given paper bags in which to take them home and eat (Oliver thought this was the best bit). Following on from this we decided to have a ride on the tractor and trailer which took us out across the extended farm up to the seawall along the seawall and back again, this was Oliver’s favourite bit of the day. 

We had a fantastic time on this visit to Marsh Farm and were happy to see many more animals then the last time, when all we saw were the general farm animals. We would thoroughly recommend Marsh Farm to anyone as a great day out for kids young and old. 


4 thoughts on “Digging for fun! Our trip to Marsh Farm to dig for Potatoes!

      1. We’re in Harlow and have been to Marsh Farm a couple of times. We also like Willows Farm in St Albans which is a similar day out!

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