Why Christmas should be magical for kids! 

My response to this article  in HuffPost

Late last week I read the above post from a lady that says she wouldn’t tell her kids that Father Christmas exists. To be honest as a Father to two children one of whom is getting to the age where he is beginning to understand Christmas and who Father Christmas is and is beginning to receive the magic of Christmas, that only a child knows, I was shocked that anyone would want to take that experience away from their future kids. 

Anyone that knows me will know I love Christmas and pretty much everything that it brings (except chaos in the shops) and love making it as magical as I can for my kids, I also believe in making my kids aware of the reason we celebrate Christmas and that we should never forget this. That being said I don’t then take away the magical element of Father Christmas, Elves and the other bits that go with it. 

Recently we took the boys away for a pre-Christmas holiday to Bluestone National Park Resort in Wales for their Christmas Wonderland and they had all the things that this person is going to deny her future kids. I just don’t see how as a parent you would remove that from their childhood. For myself growing up Christmas was always about family getting together and having fun, we were aware from early on that some presents came ‘via Father Christmas’ whilst others came from family members when they visited and this did me no harm when I discovered that it wasn’t the ‘big man who wears red’ but my parents and I dare say that it won’t do my kids harm when in years to come they find out the same. 

As I got older I came to believe that Christmas is what you make of it, the same with anything in life. If you go into it wanting to have fun and celebrate with family then that is what you will get and the magic will happen almost by itself, especially for children who for them it truly is the most magical time of the year. 

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