The Miles Family Elf on the Shelf

With the fact that Oliver is a bit older this year we decided to have a bit of fun and start a new tradition which you might of heard of called Elf on the Shelf. 

I have seen a lot of mixed opinions on this tradition with some saying its another American Import, It’s lazy parenting, it’s freaky?! No it’s a bit of fun for the kids plus to give them fond memories to look back on and hopefully continue with their own families one day. 

Anyway we are excited to get started and build up to the excitement of Christmas Day 🙂 

We started tonight the 30th Nov by hiding Elfie. We then read the boys the book explaining all about Elf on the shelf before hunting round the flat to find him. Oliver really enjoyed looking for him but then came over all shy when he found him but he quickly over came that and was telling Elfie what he wanted for Christmas cueing the next task of writing the boys Christmas lists. 

Oliver seems to have taken Elfie to his heart already he wanted to give Elfie a dummy and Muslin to take a bed. This is a task he does for his younger brother every night so it was very cute to see tho I am not looking forward to hunting around for 3 dummies each night when finding 2 seems a near impossible task some nights… 

Night one completed 24 to go…
Post written by my wife Keighley 

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