Crafty Crafts Christmas HYATLC # 7

I have often blogged about Oliver’s love of arts and crafts and how with a little help from mummy and daddy he will give pretty much anything a go. With Christmas on its way my wife and I decided to have a look at what arts and crafts bits there are out there that he would be able to achieve but also didn’t cost the earth for us to do. 

 The Snowman


This was an amazing kit for the price. I discovered this in Poundland and picked it up for Oliver and either myself or my wife to do one quiet afternoon. 

It is extremely simple to build and we had finished it within half an hour. 

In the kit you get everything you need to make the snowman including the double sided tape to stick everything on. 

Well worth the £1 spent here. 

Pom Pom Pals

My wife found these online and paid £1.99 for a set of six Pom Pom Pals. 

You can make Santa, Elves and Reindeer all of which look cute once finished.

Christmas Handprint Decorations 


This was a great kit as there was so much in it. We managed to make all for of our hands (Mum, Dad, Oliver and Leo) and we still had a lot of left over materials to stick in the craft box so that was a bonus. 

My wife found this kit online as well and it was priced around £2 so not bad at all. It contained four foam sheets and enough decorations to decorate them all Christmassy and also little name plaques so you can either date it or put your name on it. This was a great little kit. 

We would love to know what crafts you do on the lead up to Christmas. 


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