Healthy Eating! 

At the start of this year we decided that we were going to eat as healthy as possible and cut out takeaways, chocolate and other junk food as much as we could. 

As a result we have changed a lot of our diet during January and it is having a positive effect which is great. The other thing we have noticed is a boost in energy (even with everything we have going on) which means we both have a lot more energy for playing with Olicer and Leo. 

One of the things we did before this change in our diet was have a look at the things available to help make things a lot healthier when we cook. We already had a slow cooker and used that a lot so we were able to prepare good quality healthy dinners, we also had a crepe maker (basically a flat round hot plate) which we have used for a few years to cook eggs and bacon and things like that on with no oils or fats being used as the crepe maker doesn’t need them. Keighley also discovered a fantastic device called a Rollie which she found on the Lakeland website to make omlettes in a healthy and safe way. 

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