Shrove Tuesday

We are big pancake lovers in this household and eat them regularly throughout the year so much so we invested in a crepe maker a good few years ago and it still gets used regularly.

We love to go all out on Shrove Tuesday as its the official Pancake day. We normally invite friends round and get loads of different toppings so there is something for everyone. Lemon and sugar, banana and cream, crunchies, malteasers and Angel Delight are a few we have tried over the years. We also love the savoury pancakes with spinach, chicken and cream cheese being a favourite for a quick dinner.
This year we have had a lot going on and pancake day has crept up on us so we just had a quite one as a family sticking to the traditional lemon and sugar for dad and banana and cream for breakfast mum and kids.

Shrove Tuesday is also the start of lent which normally gets overlooked but this year we have decided to both give up fizzy drinks. it’s going to be a hard 40 days.

To finish we just wanted to share this quick video of Leo enjoying his first taste of cream straight from the can. If it’s going to be done pancake day is the day to do it 🙂 as you can see he loves it!

 Leo’s first taste of cream video

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