First Shoes! 


First Shoes, neither of our kids have worn shoes before they have started to cruise because I’m not a big lover of pram shoes. But Leo has started toddling around the sofa and taking a few steps between items even tho his a long way off proper walking with his first birthday coming up we decided to visit Clarks to get his feet measured and buy him some pre walker shoes. 

I love Clarks for a few reasons. 

1, I’m a big believer in getting babies feet properly measured and supported shoes fitted. They don’t just measure the length they measure across the foot also. 

2, It’s like a little milestone when you go to Clarks, they get their photo taken and you get a little keepsake sent for free 

3, All The staff seem to enjoy working with children and take as long as you need to make sure they are comfortable and your happy with the shoes, the draw back to this is sometimes there are long queues but I don’t mind waiting when I know we will be getting one on one attention when it’s our turn and we won’t be rushed. 
Leo’s shoes was a treat from Nan and Grandad for his birthday and we picked out a little navy pair which will look good with most things. Unfortunately they didn’t have Leo’s size in stock but they offer free home delivery which is another Plus for Clarks. 

The only draw back I found with Clarks is they don’t do a lot of plain styles, a lot of the shoes have a bright colour flashing thru them which is great if your a kid but not so when your a parent and trying to get a pair of shoes which goes with most things they own of course you can buy more then one pair but at this age when they are growing non stop I find they don’t really get enough wear out of them to buy 2/3 pairs every time they go up a size and with my believe that you should have children’s feet properly measured I don’t think shoes should be passed down to siblings because they mould to the child’s feet but that’s only my personal opinion.
Does anyone have any good/bad experience of other shoes shop for children?  

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