The Hungry Caterpillar! 

 We’ve recently signed up for Netflix, after putting it off for various reasons, and we have been enjoying flicking through what’s on there. 

Last night Oliver asked to watch a cartoon before bed and so I had a flick through Netflix and to find something that didn’t have cars in it for once and came across The Hungry Caterpillar. Having never read the book I wasn’t sure what to expect but had heard good things so decided to give it ago. 

The program ran for around thirty minutes, but The Hungry Caterpillar ran for around ten minutes and there were three other stories all written by Eric Carle. The way the stories are told during the program make it feel like you are watching a moving book which is great as Oliver loved them. 

At the end of the program there was a musical piece to classical music which had a sort of Fantasia feel to it. 

We had great fun as a result of finding this gem on Netflix. Are there any shows for kids that you can suggest we give a go? 

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