Our Best Buys! 

I love buying little bits that you don’t find on the high street or something that is personalised and adds that something extra to a gift. Facebook seems to be over flowing with these types of small businesses some better than others! I wanted to share a few of the best items that I have brought over the years. I am very fussy  and more times then not I will look at something and think to myself I can do better then that but these items are items that have made me part with my money and more often then not order more stuff. So I class then the best of the bunch tho that is just my personal opinion 


I have ordered a few bits from Me-Time after spending months looking for a personalised wine glass for My sister in law that I actually liked. Since then I have ordered “My 1st Christmas” decorations for both boys. 

Auntie mims 

Auntie mims does some great wooden items that can be personalised I have brought a number of items from this page including a hammer (for grandad) wooden spoons (for the nans, cousin and Leo) and the best item by far gift tags from Father Christmas to the boys.

Cry Baby Bunting 

I came across Cry baby Bunting at a local craft fair when Oliver was little. Oliver was a big fan of muslins and CBB does some fantastic personalised ones with matching bibs and as the name suggested she also does bunting. I ordered all of the above for Oliver Christening then Muslins and bibs for his 1st Christmas plus a few more for gifts. When Leo was born I couldn’t find CBB and couldn’t find anywhere that sold muslins/bibs that matched up to CBB items so I was overjoy this week when I saw a post on fb from them just in time for Leo first Birthday so within hours I had put my order in 🙂 

Lastly another site I came across when Oliver was little. 

 Rock It tots


Rock it tots do personalised tShirts / sleepSuits and as just started doing leggings also. I was looking for a tShirt for Oliver’s first birthday but most of them I came across was cheap looking, same old same old, and typical babyish looking (I know he was a baby but I don’t like that look) anyway I found this page and was overjoyed I loved all the designs so again order on the stop his first birthday tShirt I have since ordered leggings with a matching tShirt for Leo. The fabric is great and washes up time and time again like new with no fading of the design. I can’t praise them enough 

That’s my short list of Facebook pages I turn to when looking for a gift. if I find anymore I will update you.

 I have in no way, shape or formed been paid to promote these pages all items listed above are items I have brought myself. 

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