Baptising Your Child

 On this blog I have only spoken about my faith once and that was in relation to me completing the Course in Christian Studies, however one thing that probably is a given is that my wife and I would baptise our children. 
Yesterday we had the privilege of baptising Leo at the church where we were married and where Oliver was baptised three years ago. 

The baptism is a joyous occasion where you are welcomed into the family of God and also where you make certain promises or as in Leo’s case your parents and Godparents make promises to bring you up in the way God intended. We are extremely lucky that our Vicar is a fantastic vicar who has a unique ability to grab your attention for a whole service whether you are a part of the service or just a family member who’s come along to witness the baptism. 

Due to the fact we had an afternoon service for various reasons so it shorter then a baptism within a normal church service and as a result the service was around thirty minutes long. 

Everybody enjoyed the service and then afterwards we had a party for Leo’s birthday and baptism in one. This will be in a following blog post. 

Have you had your child Baptised and if so was it for religious reasons or because it’s tradition, either way we’d like to hear from you. 

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