Star Trek Renegades Review


I have written about my love of Star Trek before but have never mentioned that there is a side to Star Trek that many people don’t know about and that side is Fan Films. On the whole fan films are groups of like minded people getting together and producing something for the love of Star Trek, sometimes however it goes beyond that and you end up with Star Trek New Voyages, Star Trek Anaxar and Star Trek Renegades that actively feature various actors from Star Treks past incarnations. 


Recently I finally watched Star Trek Renegades pilot episode and was amazed at what they had achieved for such a small production. Starring Walter Keonig (Chekov) Tim Russ (Tuvok) Gary Graham (Soval) and Manu Intiraymi (Icheb) it is set in a time following the end of Star Trek Voyager when the Federations dark underbelly and covert intelligence agency Section 31 has been interfering with Icheb and possibly other aspects of The United Federation of Planets fundamental rules.

The story follows Chekov and Tuvoks plans to bring together a crew that isn’t Starfleet people in response to a crisis that only these ‘Renegades’ can deal with so not to incriminate Starfleet or the Federation. 

Although this is a Fan Produced film you would be hard pressed to tell this apart from the fact it is only available via You Tube. 

If you are a Star Trek fan I would recommend this to watch for something different that still has the feel of a traditional Star Trek show. 

You can watch Star Trek Renegades here

What Star Trek fan films have you come across online? Why not let us know via our contact page 

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