Hosting a Party on a Budget.

Written by Mrs 2 Bottles of Milk, my wife Keighley Miles. 

Here a few tips on planning a budget, stress free party as well as a simple check list of the things you need.. 

  1. Plan ahead. The sooner you start buying stuff the cheaper you can buy it and the less you feel the pinch on your pockets. I got some great boxes which we used for loot bags for the kids for a few quid from China they cost £8+ from the UK.  
  2. Make everything you can in advance sponge cakes (without the fillings) can be frozen. I made my cake pops a few weeks in advance. The Birthday cake was made two weekends before the party using “fake cake”, loot bags can also be made up. Also take everything out of its wrappers before the party saving time and mess at the venue.   

Don’t go overboard on buying. Once you have your theme write a list of what you want it’s too easy on eBay to end up buying anything and everything that matches your theme resulting in stuff going unused. Also you can use the theme to pick a simple colour scheme. Like Peppa Pig you could use pink and red. Paw Patrol Blue and Red.     

  1. Customise cheaper plain cake pop stands to match you theme. And Pick paper plates and cups in a matching colour to the theme they look better and cost less then the theme plates. We also customised cheap white table cloths using stick on letters. 
  2. Invest in some catering serving trays which come with lids these save a lot of time. You don’t have to wrap in clingfilm/unwrap. They are easy stackable and look great plus are reusable they don’t work out much more then the cheap disposable ones. 
  3. Buy some jugs and fill with diluted juice rather then the more expensive fruit juice Etc. Or small bottles of water and add a drop of juice to each. Better for the kids and your pockets 
  4. Most halls don’t allow you to stick/pins things to the wall anymore so save your money on banners and the stress of trying to find somewhere to put them. Some simple balloon decorations look good and give more impact you could also then give the balloons to the kids as they are leaving instead of loot bags. 
  5. Pick food which can be cooked the day before just make sure it’s cooled before putting in the fridge to save them sweating.    

Simple list of the basic things you need. 




Serving trays

Birthday cake

Loot bags (if doing)

Loot bag fillings (we had a small pack of sweets, a small car, a sticker, a party blower) 


I will be doing a post soon on how to make cake pops and other party food. 

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