Hamster Madness! 

Oliver has been asking for a Hamster for over a year, there is something about these crazy critters that he just loves. 

When he first asked Keighley and I agreed that he was too young and with two cats, a dog, four fish, a toddler and a baby to look after we really didn’t want the extra workload either, so have been putting him off all this time. 


Helping to set up the cage
In the last couple of months we have seen some changes in Oliver in the fact that he has started to help feed the animals (mainly the fish) and is telling us when Molly wants to go for a walk etc, so we have started to reconsider the fact he still after over a year of asking wanted a Hamster. 

Earlier this week we took a trip to our local Pets at Home to again have a look at the Hamsters and he was again asking if he could have one. As Keighley and I had been discussing this recently anyway we let him choose one that he wanted to take home, to which he was overjoyed. 

We now have a little boy Hamster going by the name of Car who Oliver adores. We have already got Oliver into the routine of feeding and watering Car (as Oliver puts it) basically every evening just before bed Oliver makes sure that Car has food and that the water in his bottle is refreshed with a little help from either Mummy or Daddy. 

We are hoping that as well as being a great addition to the family that Car is also a great way for Oliver to develop the skills needed to take care of something or someone else and gives him the confidence to embrace all sorts of animals as he grows. 

We would love to hear what animals either you or your kids grew up with.  

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