Sealife Adventure Southend on Sea


We recently took a trip to our local Aquarium for Leo’s birthday and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised. I personally haven’t been there since I was in school and from what I remember it wasn’t that great. However since then it has been taken over by a local to Southend business who also run Adventute Island (a local theme park). 


Leo enjoying his birthday treat

Since we went on a week day during term time we were lucky enough for the place to be almost empty so we were able to enjoy the displays without any bother. 

We entered the Aquarium and first came across the seafront display which housed local fish including some starfish which were extremely interesting to look at. As we moved round we came across the reptile tanks including a baby Crocodile, frogs and turtles. The kids spent a lot of time watching the turtles and enjoyed seeing them slide into the water and swim around. 

Following on from the turtles we came across a huge Ray tank. Where we spent quite a lot of time spotting Rays and watching them swim. The finally of the Aquarium was the underwater tunnel that they have. This tank contained all sorts of fish and also included some small sharks which our Nephew loved. 

 If you are ever in Southend we would thoroughly recommend Sealife Adventure, the entrance price is reasonable and there is a lot there for every age group. 


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