Our Eldest has turned Three, Yikes! 

Oliver is now a three year old…. how did that happen????

It literally only seems like yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital and were feeling daunted by the fact that we were now parents.


 Thinking back over the last three years I’ve realised how lucky we have been with him. On the whole Oliver was so laid back and still is really and when I think about how easily he gave up nappies, dummies and his most beloved item a muzzie it’s easy to forget he is only three. 

I will never forget being given Oliver in the operating theatre at Southend Hospital and that sudden flow of love I had for him. 

As he has grown these last three years he has developed into a fun loving little boy who has an amazing passion for cars, even our poor hamster is called Car. Everything he does and everywhere he goes you can guarantee that cars (and vehicles in general) are never far from the topic of conversation, but that is what makes him happy so who am I to argue with him, even after having the fourth blue car pointed out to me as we drive somewhere. 

I obviously have hopes and dreams for Oliver as does Keighley and we are sure he will be able to do anything as he gets older with our love and support. 

All that remains to say is to wish our son a very happy 3rd birthday, may you have a great day and one to remember. 

Love Mummy and Daddy 

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