A Very Hungry Morning!

It’s been a very hungry morning in our household today and I don’t mean the kind where everyone has the munchies…. 

Oliver was given his first ever piece of homework from Nursery this term and he and Mummy sat down and did it this morning. The theme was the very Hungry Caterpillar. 

Oliver brought home a paper plate with a list of instructions on what to do and include. The idea was to gather pictures of everything that The Hungry Caterpillar ate during the story and colour them in and then stick them to the plate. He loved doing it. 

Following on from the homework Oliver asked to read the storybook, so we sat down and read the book for him with him pointing out bits in the story. This is the first time we have read that story after seeing it on Netflix a couple of weeks ago and then Oliver’s nursery studying it this term, The Hungry Caterpillar has become a firm favourite in our household. 

So all in all it was a very hungry morning in our house but none of us touched food. 

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