Pink Angel Trifle

A Great Dessert for all the family.  
Pink Angel Trifle’s 
These trifle type desserts started off as a “Diet” dessert but have quickly become a big hit with all the family and being low in sugar makes them all the better.

The Trifle is so simple to make and a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen.


To make them you need: 

  • Hartley’s Sugar Free Jelly Crystals
  • Strawberry Angel Delight (no added sugar) 
  • Semi Skimmed or Almond milk 
  • Fruit of your choice tinned or Fresh ( we love fresh Water melon) 
  • Spray Cream
  • Gullon Sugar free Maria biscuits (optional) 

Start by chopping the melon and dividing between the glasses. 
Make up the jelly according to the pack then pour over the fruit.
Place in fridge and leave to set for about 2 hours.

Make up Angel Delight according to the pack if using Almond Milk add about 50ml less otherwise the Angel delight will not set. 
Spoon the mixture on top of the Jelly and return to the fridge. 
Before serving add the Spray cream and Biscuits. 
You can experiment and add lots of different Toppings, what would you choose? 

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